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What's your blood type?
uh, how da hell wij is ur type blood, as i dont no mines, but actually this is what i wntd 2 actually say: R U FOR REALS.... WTH has blood type gt 2 du wit love, tis some bullcrap the scientist has plld agehn, lolz :) goh, jus wen i thot the types of eggs u ate tell u what kind of person you'll attract on the news, now this... goh, some1 help these poor creatures :D
lee min ho, song joong ki and jung geun suk are A.. that makes them compatible with us.. unless we smother's destined to be one of the three!!
haha I'm also O+ XD
wow.. i'm an O+.. now i'll have to look up my favourite korean star's blood group to check our compatibility
it's very common to ask people for their blood type on first meeting in Korea ^-< . FYI I don't believe in blood type either but it's fun to read haha
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