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In his latest work "Yamatane (Mountain Seed)", Japanese 'earth painter' Yusuke Asai uses 27 different varieties of mud to create a massive mural. The red, brown, and green shades were locally sourced from the area around Houston's Rice Gallery, where the mural will remain. Asai spoke of his obscure choice of medium on the Rice Gallery's official blog: "I choose to use the earth as a medium because I can find dirt anywhere in the world and do not need special materials. Dirt is by nature very different than materials sold in art stores! Seeds grow in it and it is home to many insects and microorganisms. It is a 'living' medium."
How does one get different varieties of mud? Just in changing the percentages of components of the mud? @danidee
Can't believe this is made out if mud. Nature is full if wonders.
@alise Sustainable artwork! Cool, right?
@danidee Ahh, got it. I guess different sources then have different hues! I didn't really think of that but if I just picture dirt in different places I can imagine the difference....duh!
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