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Street artist RensOne sets himself from the rest of the artists in Paris by making the city his very own art puzzle. Beginning with a piece called "Louis XVI", he began catching attention by painting only isolated sections of the work in varied locations in different parts of the city. Together, they create a highly detailed albeit grotesque portrait of Louis the XVI. Recently, he has returned with a similar work called "Antoinette's Game", which depicts Marie Antoinette in something of a satirical representation. Attached to this card is a short clip of RensOne's process while working on the "Louis XVI" project, along with the various pieces and complete composition of "Antoinette's Game". See both of the works come to life for yourself. It's pretty cool!!
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I love that they can stand on their own too. Really creative stuff :)
@onesmile I don't think I'd be able to. I think I'd just consider it some sort of abstract design!
@danidee Likewise! I'm not that kind of visual thinker, really. Can't piece it together like that!
wowwww soooo creative and coolll
@sherrysahar I'm glad you like it! :)