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'NICE GUY' OST by JYJ-Junsu+Preview EP5
NICE GUY OST Preview EP5 MR" i'm here becasue I really missed you so much" JH"I will go back..I will return to you" EG"When did you be a servant for JH?" JH" Is Han jae hee a person who obeys your order? Like if you say wait, then should I wait? " EG"Hey, Han jae hee!!" MR"There is no chill in JH's bottom. JH"Don't go to EG,please ..please.. " "I wonder what is in the under" MR" NOONA!" JH"Let's find out what's waiting at the end"
Oh... ㅠ.ㅠ
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Can't stop replaying it !! Another wonderful OST sang by Junsuu ^-^
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