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A combination of music, love, pure crazyt and stomacj aching funny. Perfecto !!! http://classyviews.blogspot.in/2014/10/nodame-cantebile-reflection.html
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@somnia:I have read the manga way back, but not completely. But in terms of comparison, I dont think we can bring the manga into it. For a manga looks and feels different than the anime. The anime too is totally different. I mean all liberties are taken due to the effects and stuff. But my liking the drama version more than the anime, though biased is because, when I want to see it, I go to the drama not the anime. Its draws you in and circulates over and over.
@DramaViews yeh I get that, manga and anime are very different ways to tell a story so it's not necessarily about comparing them but I do like to see the similarities, differences, and just in general if someone likes one or the other or what. that's interesting about like the drama more though, and it makes me more curious about it than the anime honestly. :)
@somnia: Well, watch it and fall in love! Both are equally good and deserve its equally different love :)
@DramaViews then both is what I'll watch, thanks :)
I really like this couple. Very humorous to watch.