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I'm always trying to find ways to be more productive...sadly I haven't found a perfect answer. Some days some things work, other days it won't cut it for me anymore. On the search for more answers, I found this article on LifeHacker with some tunes that might be able to help out. #pleasework Music doesn't work for everyone. Some studies have shown that the right kind of music can boost productivity...but working in complete silence works for other people too. It all depends. I think for me, if I'm working on something that requires me to be analytical (like that depressing actuarial assignment sitting on my desk), I prefer to be in complete silence. If I'm working on a coding assignment or writing, I prefer to have some kind of music in the background. Here's music Lifehacker recommends for productivity: 1. Classical 2. Ambient/Electronic 3. Noise - Coffee Shop Sounds, Rain, Nature, etc What do you all listen to when working? I usually listen to Yann Tiersen, Sigur Ros, bossa nova, or instrumental jazz. Sometimes Daft Punk or even EDM. I'd love to hear your suggestions!
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@caricakes That's awesome. I love being in coffee shops! @peppermintt I've never tried classical with cooking, good idea :-) @galinda Yay, another Sigur Ros fan! @sophiamor No I haven't, thanks for the suggestion :-)
I usually like to study where it's quiet but I think I'll try listening to some classical c:
I definitely use the "noise" category of this: if I know the lyrics, i get distracted singing along, but if its too quiet or calm (re: some classical music) I'm asleep!!!
Ambient/Electronic for me! The upbeat music speeds up my work pace.
@iluvdurian31 same here, especially if I'm working on a repetitive task!