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DataKind: Big data in the service of humanity
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DataKind is a non-profit that connects data scientists with social organizations. Many non-profits and NGO's cannot afford data scientists, but DataKind is hoping to change this. I attached a great Ted Talk by the founder, Jake Porway. For those of you don't watch the whole thing...he talks about the importance of data science and how non-profits can use data to make a greater impact on humanity. He also mentions some projects that have come out of this, such as analyzing if NYPD police was using racial discrimination.
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Pretty cool stuff; but I find big data kind of scary. Somewhere between "woah this is so cool and helpful" and "woah the implications are kind of terrifying"
I think as long as they use their data powers for good and no evil, this will be a really great program!
@caricakes @onesmile definitely! we have to have some faith in data scientists...and trust that not all of them are trying to read our souls ○_○