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Don't have enough time to put in an hour or two at the gym? Never fear! You can burn fat, build muscle, and strengthen your heart in only 30 minutes. The trick is making these 30 minutes matter. Taking a 30 minute stroll is great, but if your goal is to burn fat you won't see many results. It takes interval training and a mix of cardio and weight training to get the most out of your workout. High intensity interval training (HIIT) involves short bursts of energy, such as sprinting for 30 seconds, mixed into a steady workout such as jogging. These outbursts will spike your heart rate and will keep it up as you recover. Try this treadmill workout: You can do this off the treadmill as well, adjusting your speed manually (imagine that!) Combining cardio with weight training is also an excellent way to building muscle and burn fat in a short amount of time. Working muscle will help boost your metabolism and tone your body, while cardio will burn fat. Pilates is great for this combination. Try this core-blasting pilates workout:
It's not the time that counts, its the effort you put in!!
I tried getting my 30 mins daily but sometimes there are days where I only feeel like walking. @Nocha Nonetheless, these are great tips for actually using the 30 mins well.
30 minute workouts are usually my high intensity ones. I keep my longer workouts for more relaxing things like yoga or swimming.
I love a good interval training workout. You can do it even when you're just out for a walk! Speed walk for a few seconds then go back to your normal speed. So simple :)