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What can't this girl do? This YouTube star, who is currently on dancing with the stars, has nearly 7.5 MILLION subscribers with her own fashion line. Even her random-est videos get over 3 million views!! Did I mention she's only 18? Bethany recently announced via Instagram that she'll be releasing her first single on October 13! I have no idea what to expect, but I love her style and personality so hopefully it carries over to her music. Check out this run-down of what we know so far and be sure to follow her YouTube to stay up to date:
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Why didn't I become a YT star?! I want a fashion line and record deal!
my sister is obsessed with her and owns so much of her clothes. i don't get it...but good for her! young entrepreneur! !
I've seen a couple of her videos and she has a wonderful presence and seems to really care about her viewers and audience, it's no wonder she's been so successful!