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Teens playing with black magic never gets old. Coming out October 24 and produced by the same team as Insidious, Ouija follows a group of teenagers how are trying to contact their friend who was killed using said ouija board. Sounds like a good plan, right? I'm hoping that the Insidious gang can keep this from getting too hokey, since I need a good horror movie to get me in the mood for Halloween. The trailer looks pretty promising though.
"We have the play the game again" at last, a horror version of Jumanji! I'm a fan of horror but I'll need to hear more about this before I decide if I want to see it. As hoaky as it might seem, I actually like the premise of a game that you have to complete in order to get rid of the haunting. I always kind of wondered why no one else thought Jumanji was scary because of that.
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I guess they really want to sell those Ouija boards
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Tooooo freaky for me no thank you
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I want to see this so badly!
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