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Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere and Spoilers

Okay, how do I make this funny? I really thought I could find a way to make fun of this premiere, but then I watched the first four minutes (video attached) and thought better of it. Season 5 is going to be a rough one (as if, you know, surviving a zombie apocalypse wasn't bad enough) considering the premiere made it clear that those friendly cannibals from the Terminus group aren't going anywhere soon. According to the Walking Dead comic-book creator Robert Kirkman, the leader of Terminus is not going to be the villain of this season. Yeah, the head of the group that eats people. Not a bad guy. Huh. Reporters over at TVLine found out that while season 4 didn't have too many deaths, that will be not be the case for season 5. More confirmed things to look out for: - Crazier zombie makeup (hello bloated walkers) - The show's first gay male character - New locations (and returning to familiar ones) - A story line that is very closely related to the comics (woo!) The full season will be out February 8th on AMC. Wuhwuh!
ok, that's it, I'm gonna dive in and watch this. idk why I hadn't before I like sci-fi stuff, but I'm just not huge on zombies I guess. whatever, this sounds really awesome!!
Once this season really kicks off I'm never going to see my roommates. This show sucks them in!
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