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Wearing your scarf all bunched up around your neck is so last season. Now all the cool kids are wearing their scarves like they're on the Burberry Fall 2014 runway: draped around the neck and belted at the waist. In all seriousness, you ought to try out this look for a lot of reasons: 1. It accentuates your waist, so it's actually really figure-flattering. 2. It's an instant wardrobe updater! When worn over even the most basic pieces (jeans, T-shirt, white button-down, shirtdress, etc.) it still looks fancy, like you got a cool new vest or dress. 3. It's free. Free! You can do this with a scarf (or sarong!) and a belt you already own. I'm in. Are you?
@caricakes I actually thought it was part of the dress too until I read the content. This seems like a cool way to layer for fall.
@caricakes My scarf is always flying off - I am going to try this out ;)
I actually thought that was part of their dresses at first! This seems pretty cool, plus your scarf won't blow off in the wind. I just don't know how warm it will keep you haha