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The Driftless: Fly Fishing Video
Beautiful images, awesome editing. Fly fishing in all it's beauty! Though the creator didn't share where this was filmed exactly, I believe it was in the outskirts of Chicago area: looks like it's time for another trip midwest! Those fall mornings are gonna be great fishing soon.
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Very nice video: this is what fishing was all about for me when I first started. I don't fish on the fly as much anymore but this is what my memories of early fly fishing with my dad are of: cool mornings in the water
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This looks awesome!!! I think I'd be skittish of staying in the water in the cold, though...
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Is it bad that I think i'd be bored? this is why I need a boat.....
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@dougjohnson How would you get bored in such a pretty spot??
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@fallingwater I'm hard to please?
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