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Wu-Tang will be releasing their 20th anniversary record, "A Better Tomorrow," on Warner Music this year! "Wu-Tang Clan is responsible for creating a deep discography of iconic rap music." Warner Bros. Records chairman and CEO Cameron Strang tells Billboard, "Two decades on, they remain a major force in hip hop. This is an exciting day in the history of Warner Bros. Records, and we can’t wait to contribute to the next phase of their careers." Let's be real - Wu Tang IS Hip Hop. You can hear their influence in every hip hop artist today, especially as the scene seems to be turning back to classic production methods. It will be the Wu-Tang's first full-length since 2007. I attached some of their classics to get you all in the mood :)
holy crap my childhood's come back to me, it's kind of perfect timing marketing wise too, it evokes just the right level of nostaliga
This will be a blast from the past!
Oh man, haven't heard of this group since high school.
I shared this with my brother and I don't think I've ever seen him so pumped? I know what he's getting for Christmas...