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Marriage rates have been going down for years now, but new reports are providing some insight. According to a study by the Pew Research Center shows that adults with a high income are still marrying, however younger adults or those with less education are putting off tying the knot. A possible reason for this is the unemployment rates of college graduates, specifically men. In other words young people are waiting to settle down until they’ve established a solid nest egg of their own. This is a striking contrast to a few generations ago where people would marry younger and build a financial base together. My husband and I were fairly traditional, we dated through college, married after graduation, and have worked to build our life and finances together. It’s easy to understanding wanting to wait to get married though. The stress of living paycheck to paycheck is hard, and it’s only harder when there are multiples mouths to feed. Personally I don’t feel that either route is better or worse than the other. If you’re young and you find that person you want to be with for the rest of your life, as long as you work together you will find a way. But if you want to establish your career, buy a house, maybe travel before you start looking for Mr. or Mrs. right, that’s alright too.
gives new meaning to the tlc song, I guess no one wants a "scrub" these days. it's something I can understand though, I think part of it's that none of us want to be our parents, we want to have our own lives, see the world, live, and not get married to someone until they feel like they've done that.
@somnia haha that's true! I know a lot of people, even some of my coworkers who have that same mindset, wanting to establish themselves or just have some fun before they get married.