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While fishing for redfish, this angler got a big surprise at the end of his pole! After hooking this big boy, they we took turns fighting it for about 30 minutes: crazy amounts of power coming from his end!
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I WOULD DROP THAT ROD SO FAST!!! Event though I know it cant hurt me, I'm not into catching things with big sharp teeth, thanks
3 years ago·Reply
@fallingwater Where's the fun in dropping it after you've already got it on the line??
3 years ago·Reply
@dougjohnson oh, I don't know, the fun of living?! That thing was really scary!!
3 years ago·Reply
@fallingwater I don't think keeping it would kill you (really, it wouldn't) but you're right its good to be safe about it. @dougjohnson
3 years ago·Reply
@yakwithalan @fallingwater Yeah, you've gotta keep that after you got it on the line at least for a little fight.
3 years ago·Reply