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My boyfriend signed me up for some of those monthly tackle boxes (can you tell he's into fishing?) and I know I'm going to be getting some pretty cool new lures! But I have a big question: which lures do I need to use leaders with? He rigs them up for pretty much any lure, but I was under the impression you really only need leaders in certain situations, not for every single lure! I'm using 12lb braid as my mainline on a spinning setup and I'm wondering if I have to use leader (been using 8lb mono) on every type of bait/lure i throw out there. I just know that topwater frogs can be tied directly to braid. Are other topwater lures the same? What about all the other types of lures?
@fallingwater Reaction baits are baits like spinnerbaits and crankbaits that generally travel the whole time and trigger a "reaction bite" from the fish via movement. Because they don't have as much time to study the presentation the line isn't as important here.
Agreeing with @mcgraffy here: over, don't need, under, need!
@dougjohnson What do you mean by reaction baits? @mcgraffy Ah, thanks! That makes sense.
Pretty much any topwater doesn't need a leader, at least for bass. I put a leader on any subsurface bait.
Reactions baits don't need leaders, finesse presentation baits should have a leader, preferably fluoro.