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Facebook is taking a new approach to the forum culture by introducing an Anonymous app. This app will allow you to stay completely anonymous on their forum system, with Facebook being the only people who know your true identity. This means that somewhere down the line, you are still accountable for your 'anonymous' actions. When signing up for your Anonymous account, Facebook will verifying you through a number of steps. This is in the hopes of 'killing' the unbelievable number of internet trolls you find on forums. Ideally, if your real name is traceable, there's a fair chance that you won't be running around leaving insensitive racist, sexist, homophobic, etc comments all over the web. So what does this mean for the Internet? A lot less blacklisting for moderators and a lot less douche bagger-y for forum users. Users will have to sign up with their existing Facebook account and possibly even a verified phone number as well. Facebook will assess their profile and grant the user access to the app if they pass certain legitimacy requirements, such as having more than 15 friends or having joined Facebook more than a few months ago. Inside the app, the user is completely anonymous to others on the app. Only Facebook secretly knows who they are on the backend. If the user gets flagged by their peers for being a nuisance or abusive, Facebook can ban their account. To sign up for the app again, the troll will need a new Facebook account that meets the basic requirements, which they can’t generate overnight. Seems like a pretty legitimate way to deal with trolls. I'll be interested to see how many people will actually use this, seeing as how you will have to trust that Facebook keeps your identity a secret! (Check out Josh Constine's full article on Tech Crunch here:
It seems like this might be something people have to be forced into doing to get used to, but then it might be alright.
I really don't like would be great to stop them! I'm pretty sure they'll still get away with things though...
So you're mostly anonymous? I think that this would be really cool if people actually sign up for it. I feel like letting Facebook know your identity may deter some people who want to keep their online forum life private.