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Amazing comeback footage from the 2004 Bassmaster Classic; Omori decides to stop flipping bushes and throws a crankbait, helping him make a big comeback. Omori was the first ever non-American to win a Bassmaster Classic, bringing a whole new world of anglers to the charts! Things we can learn from Omori: - Stick to your guts. He thought there would be fish there, and there were! - Be willing to switch lures. Even when you think you're doing it right, if you're not catching anything, something is wrong! Change your location, or change your lure: something's gotta give, and then you'll catch more. - Don't give up hope. Even when he only had a few minutes left to fish, Omori was sure he could catch up, and he did, giving him the win!!
Good for him!!! I don't have my heart set on winning any competitions, but just accomplishing your first "big catch goal" that you set for yourself can make you this happy, too I think
@fallingwater Yep that's definitely one of the hardest things to learn as an angler: don't get frustrated and quit but keep trying more and more styles @dougjohnson I'd like to see if you'd cry or not hah. Nah, just playing I think you'd be alright.
Ha! I don't think I'd cry like he was about to if I had won but good for him man that's quite an accomplisment.
I love how much versatility this shows with fishing! I'm always afraid "I'm doing this wrong" but this really shows that its less about right and wrong and more about adaptation