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Alright - things that we know: Social media is essential for marketing your brand. Social media causes reactions - both positive and negative. Social media is all about creating and building relationships. SO, how do you handle negative reactions while keeping your brand's good image and not damaging any relationships with your consumers? First step: You need a plan. So many businesses, big and small, have run into huge PR problems thanks to their lack of response to disgruntled customers. Silence is never a good option. Having a concrete plan in place will help your brand deal with emergency situations ASAP. How do you Create this Social Media Management Plan? Make sure you have someone responsible for monitoring and responding to every post about your company. Hopefully, they can do this as quickly as possible. If negativity arises, respond immediately. Do whatever you can to take the conversation off-line. Offer your business number or email to attempt to answer the question/issue. Also, don't delete any of your social media conversations. That can just make the issue escalate and can look as though you're hiding something. A bad review or negative post is not the end of the world, especially if you have a calm and rational response right below it. Avoid knee-jerk reactions and make every effort to solve the problem. You'll be glad you did.
Don't feed the Trolls ignore works fine, LOL my PM here full of downer hate on the Blackhawk Collection Cards
I think this is just a common sense isn't it?
Personally I am a fan of ignoring negative comments, but when it comes to a brand you can't really do that. I love seeing businesses handle things in a positive, creative way.
this is great advice...I feel that most just delete or never respond :/