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That’s right, the popular mining app Minecraft Pocket Edition will be coming out for the Windows phone. In case you forgot Microsoft announced they would be buying the Minecraft developer Mojang ( so Minecraft things being made for Microsoft isn’t really surprising. Apparently the console version of the game will also be available for the PlayStation Vita this week. Since I don’t have a Windows phone, and I’m not really interested in MPE anyway, the announcement is mostly just cool to hear about for general information. So far Microsoft’s buying Mojang hasn’t had a major effect on the game, good or bad, this will be the first big thing to happen.
@AgentCory yeh, but it might help them sell phones if they had a better OS to be entirely honest.
@somnia oh yeah that's a good point, I don't even know anyone who has a windows phone and I know they aren't really popular
makes sense, microsoft saw a new way to make money and a way to hopefully get people to buy their phone since everyone is using android or iphone.