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The Bec des Rosses looms over Verbier, Switzerland. Getting to the top might be easy, but there is no easy descent down its steep face, just a lot of ridiculous lines. For the last couple of decades, it served as the venue for the Verbier Extreme competition rattling the nerves of riders who aren’t easily rattled. This is a teaser for a film about that beast of a mountain. The film itself explores the extreme skiing revealed the Bec des Rosses beyond the borders of Switzerland. It now also gives the opportunity to discover others aspects of its history. Through testimonies of the elderly of the valley as well as mountain guides, among many others, this film traces the advent of a unique mountain to passionate people around the world, and uncovers unexpected events of its history.
Oh my gosh, this looks beautiful. The most skiing I've ever done is the Snowbowl outside Phoenix, I can't even imagine what a real mountain like this would be like to ski!
wow that looks crazy hard! I've never skied before but that's got to take some serious skills, and it sounds pretty dangerous but I'll bet you get an awesome view on the way down!