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A rather heartbreaking day indeed for A+. While fans are still not getting over Lee Joon's news of leaving MBLAQ, here comes Thunder withdrawal too. Thunder is reported to have his contract expiration date same as Lee Joon, and here comes the worst as Thunder decided not to renew his contract and will pursue a solo career in the future. In this case, MBLAQ are not making their comeback with three members remaining. As for fans' consideration, there are also no plans of recruiting new members. Finally, for their upcoming 'Curtain Call' concert in November, it's not yet clear if Lee Joon and Thunder are participating.
Whoa, I was not expecting that all all :( Poor A+s
Of course my 2 favs would leave...
oooh i like mblaq all the members are favorite to me but why that. no problem hope to all success