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It's October, and that means it's Breast Cancer Awareness month! The Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders' halftime show at the game on October 12, 2014 featured breast cancer survivors and their families. How awesome! Awareness is key in any fight, so honoring those who fought and survived cancer is a great way to bring awareness to the forefront of people's minds. October 13th specifically is a day meant for education everyone with facts they need to know about Breast Cancer! Here are 13 facts everyone should know: 1. No one dies from breast cancer that remains in the breast. Metastasis occurs when cancerous cells travel to a vital organ and that is what threatens life. 2. Metastasis refers to the spread of cancer to different parts of the body, typically the bones, liver, lungs and brain. 3. An estimated 155,000 Americans are currently living with metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer accounts for approximately 40,000 deaths annually in the U.S. 4. Treatment for metastatic breast cancer is lifelong and focuses on control of the disease and quality of life. 5. About 6% to 10% of people are Stage IV from their initial diagnosis. 6. Early detection does not guarantee a cure. Metastatic breast cancer can occur 5, 10 or 15 years after a person's original diagnosis and successful treatment checkups and annual mammograms. 7. 20% to 30% of people initially diagnosed with early stage disease will develop metastatic breast cancer. 8. Young people, as well as men, can be diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. 9. Like early stage breast cancer, there are different types of metastatic breast cancer. 10. Treatment choices are guided by breast cancer type, location and extent of metastasis in the body, previous treatments and other factors. 11. Metastatic breast cancer is not an automatic death sentence. Although most people will ultimately die of their disease, some will live for many years. 12. There are no definitive prognostic statistics for metastatic breast cancer. Every patient and their disease is unique. 13. To learn more about National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day on October 13 and to access resources specifically for people living with metastatic breast cancer and their caregivers, visit October 13th has also been designated "No Bra Day!" to bring awareness to the cause, let 'em loose, ladies!
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@pixiedust @hikaymm @timeturnerjones Happy to share some more about this problem: I too hope we can save more people soon!!
@princessbri2 Its a really touching performance!!
My eyes got teary
I had no idea you only die from breast cancer if it spreads: I guess that makes sense why there are so many survivors!! Let's hope that oneday everyone can be survivors
This is awesome, and thanks for the tips: one of my close friends mom suffered from breast cancer (twice!!) and it really put into perspective for me just how many people around us are suffering. More awareness = more steps towards saving people from this disease!!
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