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This is the one among the books I bought at book festa in Hongik University. Of a verity of books, I chose this book at first. I don't why but I guess now the picture on the front cover attracted me. I misguessed that it was a series of short stories. However, it is non-fiction which I guess is a TV dacumentary about a hospice hosptal ( or utility; I don't know what the exact name is). It is a story about the chef working there who is experienced and recognized, the residents (this book calls the patients "the residents" not "patients") who stay at the hospice and their family. I was a Iittle bit shocked at the beginning of the book partly because I had hardly thought about death of myself or the one I love and largely because the way the residents and their family accept the situations is totally different from what I guessed. However, it gives me the time to think deeply about how I live my life and what I have to go for. " You don't need to be stuck on painful memories. You will have more time than now, and days you remember the happiness not hurts. . . . . . In judge yourself in your life, it is important which criteria you have. If they are based on other, there is no satisfaction by no means. This is the conclusion the chef has found." ( I couldn't find any translation of this book. so I ended up translating the phrase I like into English by myself. there might be wrong part or mistranslation.) Den Tagen mehr Leben geben by Dőrte Schipper by BASTEI-LŰBBE GmbH & Co. KG, Kőln Again, I tried to write without grammar error. For sure, there might be some wrong expressions or errors. If finding some, please correct them nicely.
@SukRangLee Ah, thats okay :( thanks for looking!!! I can research some more, it might be possible to find!
@timeturnerjones I have checked out if there were any books translated in English on However, unfortunately, I couldn't find any. :(
I dont think I could read the korean :( or the german :( sounds awesome, though $