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Fall is here and that means Winter is next. Watch out for snow and sand on those corners. Photo By: Alice Stern Rider: Austin Peters w/ Arbor Vugenhausen
never just blindly go dhing on your way up to the top either by walking up or watching the road while driving up and look for little patches of dirt, rocks or any debris that may fuck you up while.going dh which is no fun please be safe bring a push broom which doesnt cost more than 10 bucks at any gardening store.or hardware store and push that dirt off the road it makes for an alot more enjoyable safer ride be safe guys
@JoeyMotionless Not only does it help you check out the road but I feel like you get to appreciate the ride more. Maybe that's just me
One of my friends told me it's good to eat at the hill your about to skate, because it makes you more relaxed and confident. Cleaning the road helps you take pride in a hard days work and makes you want to skate harder. On my "Strawberry Jam" video 4 guy's and I went up to sweep, and leaf-blow that bike path we skating. Prettiest that path looked since it was built, I guarantee it! So much paint on that path