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Rumors have been spreading for a while now about a possible third Sex and the City movie. Back in January SJP remarked that she was open to the idea, that she felt there was a final chapter of the story to tell, but the timing would be an important factor. SJP and Kristin Davis also exchanged tweets on the subject, SJP referencing some “news” and remaining vague when fans asked about it. After SATC 2 failed in the box office there’s a lot of skepticism about a third movie. Davis even commented that a third movie would be “a pipe dream” but that it would be up to the fan base and whether they want a final chapter or not. While I will admit, I’m not a huge SATC fan, I do love the show and how it promotes female empowerment and the strength of friendships women have with one another. I know the second movie wasn’t well received, but continuing these stories as the women get older has it’s own value. There’s a lot of emphasis on 20-30 somethings finding love and self actualization, so seeing a story about older woman finding love, learning about themselves, or entering the scary world of parenthood appeal to a new audience. This kind of story would also share a different perspective with younger audiences that I think would have a lot of value. For now all we have are rumors and speculation, but there’s always a chance so here’s hoping!
Yes please!!! I need some SATC in my life!
Honestly, I'd totally see it XD
@somnia ah, I see. That makes sense, if something isn't your style that's just it. :)
@pixiedust not really, though it's not anything personal I just don't tend to like US shows very much. some sure, but in general they aren't my taste I think.
@onesmile here's hoping it happens, I'll admit I'm so curious!
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