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After watching “Walking Dead” Season 5 premiere, I recalled a zombie engagement photoshoot that went viral in 2011. Amanda Rynda, a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, is a quirky, laid-back, and innovative photographer that gain international media recognition from ABC and NBC to Weddingwire and the Huffington Post. Her most famous project is the zombie engagement photos for couple Juliana and Ben. The couple wanted to survive a zombie attack that depicts their love by the end of the episode. Rynda took the creative directing and made their concept a reality. Scroll through the images for the pictorial story! Every photoshoot is unique and incredibly special behind Rynda’s lens. She has the ability to bring out people’s character through her photography. This draws her apart from other photographers. Be sure to browse her other photoshoot collections. You’ll find out she’s a romantic at heart.
Very creative and daring couple!
Oh my God this is too funny!! This is definitely a unique way to approach a wedding photo hahaha