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[12th-Oct-14] Estonia 0-1 England

A Wayne Rooney free kick is all that separated a wasteful England side from a tough Estonian opposition. England dominated most of the game, after Estonia captain Ragnar Klavan was sent off in the 48th minute for a second bookable offense. England however looked wasteful and consistently failed to put most of their shots on goal (just 6 of their 25). The poor finishing soon frustrated England before Wayne Rooney took a free kick from about 22 yards out to put the three lions ahead 1-0. Overall this is a performance England will look to forget. They failed to find their feet in terms of their finishing, but their control of the possession and flow of the game is not something to worry them. At the top of the group now with nine points from nine, there are a lot of worse places England could be in at the current moment.
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That was a nice curve on the shot, but seems to me like England should be counting their blessings to leave with 3 points... Definitely agree with you that this is a match they will look to forget
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