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Okay guys... Today I just finished writing for 1theK and Big Hit Entertainment application and now the next step is to wait for an audition. Thank you guys for supporting and telling me to not give up. If I get an audition, I will make you guys proud. Thanks again and...... ~FIGHTING~
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This is so awesome I know you'll be great! Did you have to write an essay or anything, or just a form and then audition? I'm so curious!
Ok, first you need to file out the application then mail it. If they choose your application then you have to audition after the audition, they will choose you or not. I hope I get through the first step.@kpopandkimchi
Also do you really think I'll do great? Lol I'm surprise because you don't even know me that while. @kpopandkimchi
@toykopop just really excited to know a kpop idol before shes a kpop idol hahah
Aaw I REALLY hope I'll become one or at least a trainee.@chasinghapiness