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I’ve already talked about people you probably don’t want relationship advice from (http://www.vingle.net/posts/516322), but I never like being negative so let’s talk about where you CAN look for help. Some of these will sound a little funny, or even directly contradictory to my previous card, but knowing who to ask can help you find your perfect Prince (or Princess!) Charming. Your mom ● Asking mom for advice is a classic, but you don’t just need to look for the same old “listen to your heart” advice. You can ask you mom or mom-like figure for advice about a lot more than that. Are you ready to move in yet? It’s the third date, but how did it really go? What does that text mean? I’ll be the first to admit, mom isn’t always the best answer, but don’t discount her and her years of experience. Your sister ● If there’s one person you can trust to be hones with you, it’s your sister. She was never shy about telling you how huge that pimple was on the first day of school and she won’t be shy about what she thinks of your potential mate. Are you over analyzing? Is he really charming or are you seeing him through rose tinted glasses? Your sister will give it to you straight. Your kids ● Obviously only an option when you have kids, but if you’ve got them they are invaluable. Not because they know what you want in a relationship or what will be good of you. No, they know what THEY want in someone you’re spending time with, and if you’re looking for long term love then you want your partner to be compatible with you and your kids. And if you’ve got older offspring, they may even have tips for good places to go on dates. Your settled friend ● Asking a newlywed for advice is a risky (and tedious) endeavor, but your friend who’s been married for a couple of years is the perfect source for insider information. They’ve found their special someone and have made it work, so you know they’re doing something right. Your divorced friend ● It’s sad, and they’re certainly no expert, but there are valuable lessons to be learned from the friend who made the wrong decision or just couldn’t make it work. They can give you real advice about the things that go wrong in real life, not just fairy tales. Your single friend ● Whether you’re both single, or you’re dating and not sure about your guy, your unattached friend will have valuable advice to share. It’s a fresh perspective from someone in a similar situation (potentially), and they can give you some honest advice about who you’re dating, and whether you’re helping or hurting your chances. Your colleague ● They asked you out! But it’s so last minute you don’t have a chance to ask your friends or family for advice. The easy answer is to ask your workplace bestie! They can help you brainstorm how to take your professional ensemble to something more date appropriate.
@somnia that's wonderful!
@pixiedust yeah, I'm really grateful for the friends that I have, they always give me really good advice :)
@somnia biases do happen, but at least you have your friends to get advice from. @onesmile I do agree, it really depends on the person and the situation, but I do think they can be a valuable place to get a very different perspective. Even if it's negative it can really help in my opinion. @fallingwater asking around and then going with your gut is just as valid a choice as any! And even if you aren't doing what others have suggested, you're probably still taking what they've said into consideration even if it's just in a small way.
If I have a problem, I tend to ask EVERYONE for advice and then listen to nobody. Ican't be the only one
I feel like a divorced friend is a good and bad idea...it REALLY depends on the friend! Some divorcees have an entirely too negative outlook on dating. Skepticism can be ok, but not too much
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