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Today I told her my intentions, she smiled, giggled and walked a few steps then looked back at me and asked "did you mean it?" She was referring to the part of my day when I kneeled on the floor and asked her "Will you marry me?" These moments of vulnerability leaves one naked and stuck in a moment where air causes us to choke. I remained there on my knees as if I were her knight in shining armor with a shiny ring to show how much I loved her. She picked me up from the floor and said "I can't, I love another." I told her my words were truths written long before I met her. Her phone rang and she walked away and I was left naked to the world without a shelter. I loved once in the midst of a cold October.
came back to read it once more great work
@AhmadBlack Great to hear! I'm always happy to read your work as well.
@greggr @tia776 @timeturnerjones You guys continue to inspire me to write more. Thank You
I'm in love with your pieces . Truly in awe.
Very enjoyable, thanks @ahmadblack I like the constant downward movement of this piece; very few lines are longer than 5 or 6 words across.
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