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Air Force captain Erick Staub took to the field during the Arizona Cardinals game to propose to his cheerleader (and first grade teacher!) girlfriend, Claire Thorton. It may be cliched, but it’s still certainly romantic and for Claire I’m sure it was a dream come true. This was actually the second NFL cheerleader to accept a proposal of marriage since last weekend. Sydney, a cheerleader for the Falcons was also proposed to mid game. Seems a happy time for NFL cheerleaders, and all my best to the happy couples!
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congrats to them, both couples I guess :)
@EightyNine Wait someone got rejected? hahahahha
@onesmile Lots of rejection at stadium videos....
@EightyNine Really?! Why did I think that that would be less common....that's kind of sad :/
@onesmile Yeah but it just shows you should know before you ask in a huge public area!