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Chinese Potato Salad Baby Bird Nest + Saving a baby mockingbird
Have you guys had Chinese raw potato salad before? Don't worry, it's not really raw. It's just a crunchy potato salad (๑´ლ`๑) . I was inspired to make this recipe by a little baby bird I rescued (see the video)! Ingredients are listed on the second picture. :)
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I love that you were able to help the bird as well, though its a little funny that you're now eating baby birds hahah Anyway, hooray for happy endings!
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I would have never thought to slightly melt the cheese to make it more pliable - brilliant!
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@MinaShenCooking I can't wait until your next video! What do you think you'll post next?
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@sanityscout I am making a fairy tale recipe now.
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@MinaShenCooking Hurray! What a perfect theme :) I can't wait to see it!
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