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How To: Shimmery Smokey Eye
Step 1: Apply a light "steel" eyeshadow from the inner crease to the outer corner creating a thick winged shadow. We used MAC Eyeshadow in Scene. Step 2: Using your finger, dab Inglot Body Pigment Powder 72 on the lid only. Step 3: Next use a charcoal eye liner to outer corners, on both the top and bottom. Step 4 & 5: Finally, apply a face oil, like Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil, to inner corner and center of the lid only.
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This is such a pretty look. Not too shadowy but not too shimmery?
3 years ago·Reply
This will not go well with my eyes but I think if I changed the silver with another color it might work?
3 years ago·Reply
This looks so easy that I could probably do this without making myself look too much like a clown :)
3 years ago·Reply
This is totally going to be my New Year's Eve eye makeup for sure.
3 years ago·Reply