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Many of you are using or are thinking of using bank mobile apps. Like everything else with technology these days, there are always threats to privacy. Here are the 4 common threats you can face when using mobile banking apps 1. Stolen Smartphones If your phone is stolen or lost, all your data on your phone can be in danger. Yikes! 2. Phishing Fake third party sites could pose as legitimate ones and look very similar...leading you to providing all our information directly to third parties. 3. Malware If there is malware unknowingly installed onto your device, it can leak sensitive information or even control your device. 4. Fraud This is a big one. You might get fake emails with links that could lead your account or phone to be attacked. How can you prevent these threats? 1. Use a mobile security app 2. Avoid unsecured and unauthenticated wifi 3. Download apps only from trusted sources Read more about Mobile Security in this article:
I get paranoid using mobile banking. I do like that you can deposit checks, though!
I never deposit checks.. what do you do with the check? I'd rather hand it to the bank and let them put it into my account. however, I do love the ability to pay off credit card bills. I would be terrified if I didn't have that ability. I always pay off the day after I spend anything. its the first thing I do in the morning is pay off the previous days debt.
@csgeek me too. It's very convenient. as long as you are cautious, it should be fine :)