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Halloween is just around the corner and the perfect way to get in the spooky spirit is with these Halloween themed TV episodes available on Netflix Watch Instantly. The Office Season 2, episode 5: Halloween ● Downsizing leads corporate headquarters to order Michael to fire somebody by the end of October. Michael procrastinates until Halloween, when he still has not decided whom to fire. When he decides to fire Creed, Creed manages to convince Michael to fire Devon. How I Met Your Mother Season 1, episode 6: Slutty Pumpkin ● Marshall and Lily are excited to participate in the couples costume competition at their usual bar. On the other hand, Robin's refusal to dress in a couple costume with her boyfriend puts stress on their new relationship. Meanwhile, Ted makes his annual visit to the rooftop Halloween party in search of a girl that he met there years ago. Fraiser Season 5, episode 3: Halloween ● Niles is throwing a literary-themed Halloween party, and Roz fears she might be pregnant. After an unfortunate slip of the tongue and several miscommunications, a drunken Niles proposes to Daphne and Roz announces the rumors or true, she is pregnant. Freaks and Geeks Season 1, episode 3: Tricks and Treats ● Halloween soon approaches and Sam persuades his friends to go trick-or-treating with him, which doesn’t go over too well with their neighbors. Meanwhile, Lindsay enjoys her first taste of vandalism with the freak gang until she accidentally takes things too far. Gilmore Girls Season 6, episode 7: Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number ● Rory and Lorelai are unhappy because, due to their estrangement, they cannot carry out their plans for Rory's 21st birthday. Emily and Richard become wary about Rory and Logan becoming serious. Emily throws Rory a party and finds out that Lorelai is engaged. Cheers Season 3, episode 5: Fairy Tales Can Come True ● During a costume party at Cheers, Cliff meets his shy, female counterpart—Sharon O'Hare, dressed as Tinker Bell—and is attracted to her. The following day, at Norm's encouragement, Cliff reveals himself unmasked to the unmasked Sharon. At Frasier's suggestion, Diane takes Sam to a George Gershwin concert for a "non-romantic[,] friendly" evening free of sexual tension. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 6, episode 7: Who Got Dee Pregnant ● The gang gets a real scare after Dee reveals that she is pregnant and that one of the guys is the father. The news forces them to enlist the help of others (Frank, Artemis, and even the McPoyles) to recall their last hazy Halloween party to determine who it is. American Horror Story Season 1, episode 4: Halloween Part 1 ● The Harmons hire interior designers to make over the house to help it sell, but known to them the couple who shows up are the former owners who were killed by the Rubber Man in the house one year ago. Later that night Addie is fatally hit by a car while trick-or-treating, and Ben answers a knock at the door to find Hayden's ghost standing there, covered in dirt. Louie Season 2, episode 10: Halloween/Ellie ● Louie and his daughters go trick-or-treating in New York City. As darkness falls, they are confronted by a pair of costumed punks. Louie's younger daughter Jane confronts the two men and helps scare them away. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2, episode 6: Halloween ● Bodies of girls killed in traffic accidents are being dug from their graves. The culprits are two science students, Chris and Eric, using pieces of the girls to create a bride for Chris' monstrous brother, Daryl. The only thing the young monsters need now is Cordy's head—can the Scooby Gang members arrive in time to save her? New Girl Season 2, episode 6: Halloween ● Jess begins to have genuine feelings for Sam as more than a "friend with benefits," after seeing him work as a pediatrician during the day. Nick reunites with Amelia, an ex-girlfriend from college. Schmidt intrudes on Cece and Robby's Halloween date. Winston feels it is finally time to break up with Shelby. Parks and Recreation Season 4, episode 5: Meet ’N Greet ● Ron and Leslie get into a feud over their rival youth camp programs, with Ron's spartan Pawnee Rangers up against Leslie's supportive and indulgent Pawnee Goddesses. Tom and Donna invite Ben – still despondent over his breakup with Leslie – to their annual "Treat Yo' Self" spa and shopping excursion. Jerry takes his daughter and Chris to lunch together.