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First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless give their reaction to the Dallas Cowboys beating the Seattle Seahawks 30-23. Haha Stephen Smith eating some humble pie.
I must say, not a fan of either of these two. Stephen A Smith has long been out of touch with what's acceptable in society, as proven with his recent comments in light of the Ray Rice case. Skip Bayless is like that loud, rowdy drunk everyone hates to be around when you're at the bar. Then again, ESPN is notorious for hiring pundits with oversize egos...
@Spudsy2061 I have to agree I dislike Skip Bayless also. I feel like a lot of the times he is just saying things for the sake of being controversial. If he is really like that in person then kudos to him for having a very unique personality haha. Stephen A Smith I find entertaining, although I agree with you that he sometimes makes some very ill-advised comments.