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Every women wants to look great in what they wear. Here are 7 timeless style tips that will keep you looking lovely in every occasion. 1. Your tailor is your best friend. Being a petite size woman really limits my selection of clothing (especially jeans) when shopping. They are either too long or too wide in some areas. Having a tailor, makes shopping stress-free. Now, If I see something I like I can just purchase it and have it tailored. 2. Don't sweat the size on the tags. Believe it or not, I actually wear tops that are not my general size. If the style and fit is not too awkward, size does not matter as long as it's comfortable for me. 3. Balance out your top and bottom. This is common sense, but if your top is too baggy on the top and your bottom is flare, it doesn’t look right. Proportion is everything! 4. A statement necklace or scarf can transform any outfit. The simplest trick to make a boring outfit (plain t-shirt and jean) look put together is wear a statement necklace or scarf. Don’t underestimate the little details! 5. Embrace your shape. When it comes to fashion, the one rule is wear something that flatters your shape. You’ll be surprise by the difference of wearing the right clothes! 6. Nude pumps go with everything. Seriously! Every woman should own a pair of these lifesavers. They’re great for work, party, and a casual date. Since nude is neutral, you don’t have to worry about matching your clothing color. 7. When in doubt, wear black. On days where I don’t want to think about what to wear, I simply put on a black top and pair it with any bottom. They’re so versatile and never go out of fashion.
Ha! I'm wearing jeans, a black tshirt and a scarf:) black also makes packing easy.
I'm pretty sure the wear black tip was made for you @caricakes
As I read this I am wearing jeans that have been cuffed three times because they're too long for me. I need to find that "best friend" you mention in the first tip.
Not sweating the tag size is such a good tip too; I have dressed from 1 brand in 3 different sizes, yet they're all perfect fits!! I worry more about how it feels and looks than the number
Nude pumps seems to make people's legs look longer too! Love my pair!