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Pacman Jones is at it again. Once infamous for being a troublemaker, Pacman has been out of the media attention. However he has regained fame by calling out their kicker Mike Nugent after he missed a field goal that would have won the game in overtime. To be fair Nugent has been terrible this season. Nugent has now converted 11 of 17 attempts on the season and only six of his last 12. While he made his first three field-goal attempts in the game, he was unable to come through for his team in the end. Mark Slaughter tweeted that Pacman Jones yelled "We work to hard to miss %#*^ like that," and Nugent was right in front of him. Classy.
Wow... what a jerk
Bengals need to get a better kicker
Guy had a nice kickoff return but you should never throw your teammate under the bus like that. what a douche