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Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within is finally here, but the reviews are mixed. Just like it’s spiritual successor Resident Evil 4, Evil Within is hard. Really hard. Like counting each bullet and health pack hard. That’s something Mikami is famous so what are the critics complaining about? The issue players are having with Evil Within is that the long, drawn out fights are distracting from the story (which isn’t anything new either) and you usually have to do them a few times before figuring out how to win. The combat is satisfying, but it’s poorly paced throughout the game. In some cases, you’ll clear a room full of enemies, move on to the next one, and have a boss fight right away. Sure some players might like the challenge, but in general it’s annoying. Another major issue players have is the protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos. He’s your typical horror protag, with a “seen-some-shit” attitude who’s completely unfazed by the horrors surrounding him. No really, he just doesn’t care that his friends are disappearing or that disgusting, deformed monsters are trying to kill him. Sorry bro, but no one is that chill. The design of the game is still sweet, it’s gritty and dark and the visuals are equal parts terrifying and awesome. The monsters are hard to beat, but their designs are interesting and the stuff of nightmares. In general I think it’s up to personal taste whether you’ll like it or not. If you’re a fan of Mikami’s style of storytelling then you might enjoy this game which is basically a greatest hits of Mikami’s favorite mechanics. If you get bored with fights you have to re-do five times, scouring creepy hallways for individuals bullets, etc. then you probably won’t be into it.
I really want to buy this, just so I can have my roommate play it for me!! I love watching this kind of game, even though it totally terrifies me!
I am completely hopeless with video games, and this sounds like another level of difficulty! Plus it's scary, I'm sure I'd be too scared to even look at the screen!