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Startup tech company Zwift have launched a new online cycling that looks to change the way you train on your bike. The game allows cyclists from all over the world to meet and ride together in virtual reality, possibly putting an end to tedious and lonely turbo training sessions. While virtual training software already exists, it requires a specific trainer brand, like Tacx, to run. The best about Zwift’s new software is that you can use it with any type of trainer brand. All you need to do is have the application downloaded onto your computer. Zwift’s software can then convert the signal into power data, which is calculated by considering rider weight, the virtual terrain and even drafting into account to convert the power to speed within the game. If you’ve got a power meter or smart trainer though, you can still use those to get an even more accurate reading.
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frankly, in oregon either you get wet or train indoors. I try to balance my degree of soggy-ness so as not to have colds all winter long.
@TeamWaffles You're right!
@troygreene84 Who cares if you are having fun and putting down miles
Neato! I'm a bit afraid of what my cycling buddies would have to say about not training outdoor in the winter though