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Best Cyclocross Race Of All Time
Starting in 2006, Junkyard Cross has quickly become a Philadelphia holiday season tradition. Every December a new course is designed through the junkyard next to Bilenky Cycle Works, a custom frame builder. Two hundred riders start and have to navigate obstacles like running through a van shaken by PBR-fueled fans or jumping over a totaled car. Half race, half party, it’s the perfect opportunity to dust off the Speedo or horse mask.
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Awesome! Looks pretty dangerous but that just is part of the whole appeal right?
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I heard they had a tetanus booth right by the finish line (joking) @troygreene84 This is definitely spot on what it's all about.
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@BikeSnob Lol, that's great. I'm sure they clean up the wounds though, looks like the race can get pretty gnarly
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