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Your clipless pedals will give you month after month of faithful service through rain and shine if you service them correctly. This 16-stage guide shows you have to do it. TOOLS FOR THE JOB: 1: 7mm and 10mm spanners 2: Allen keys 3: Teflon grease 4: Degreaser 5: Rag 6: Medium-weight oil 7: Shimano TL-PD40 tool (if your pedals have plastic collars)
Where is the SPD SL pedal tutorial? Just joking, I didn't know the SPD and SPD SL were so similar in their base construction!
Great tutorial! My only thought is, at what point does it become more cost effective to just buy a new pedal? I mean if it's a really expensive pedal I understand but aren't these shimano spd-sl's relatively cheap?