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Are you spending more time tracking your miles and planning your ultralight hike through than you are actually enjoying the outdoors? Wes at IndefinitelyWild tells us that some ultralight hikers are losing sight of what it means to hike, and instead are focusing on goals like making the fastest through hike they can. For Wes, that means enjoying the hike itself less: being in a hurry, not looking at your surroundings, and eating disgusting food. I don't necessarily agree, though. The light weight philosophy enables me to do whimsy things like, decide to take a 6-pack with me, grab some fresh produce, turn a 4 day stint into a 5 day, pack my tent AND hammock and have it not affect me in any appreciable way. The ultralight philosophy, at least to the people I've hiked with, is 80% about being able to focus on things that make you happy when you're backpacking... about realizing you can swap really stupid grams for really smart ones... not about squeezing every ounce of efficiency out of a racehorse. How do you hike?