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How Much Should the Warriors Pay Klay Thompson?
The deadline for extensions for rookie contracts is quickly approaching and it seems that the Warriors and Klay's agent are still off from each other by a few million dollars. Klay is surely seeking max money while the Warriors are hoping they can sign him for less. However Klay has signaled that he would rather secure a long term contract this season instead of taking the tender and becoming a RFA next year. That's what seeing an injury like Paul George's can do to you. From ESPN here is why the Warriors should definitely seek a deal now: "The Warriors could have their backcourt of Thompson and Stephen Curry for under $30 million combined, which would be about 30 percent of the salary cap. Compare that to the 50 to 57 percent of the cap that duos such as Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose/Joakim Noah and Dwight Howard/James Harden eat up this season, and imagine the flexibility that would give the Warriors to build around their stellar guards in 2016-17." Definitely sounds like a good move to me. Pay the man.
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Given the market right now he should definitely be getting the max or very near it
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