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A Dam for Canadaโ€™s Peace River Valley?

Families in the Peace River Valley surrounding Peace River in British Columbia, Canada, are living under the shadow of the proposed Site C dam. This proposed dam is a eight-billion-dollar project, but will likely cost double that. Class 1 and 2 farmlands, including 107 kilometers of the valley, as well as many heritage sites and burial grounds will be lost to the flood waters. The W.A.C. Bennett dam was built on the Peace in 1968. Haven't we moved beyond the need for dams? Haven't we developed the technology that makes it so we no longer need to face these terrors? It seems we haven't. The project to implement the Site C dam has been shut down twice before: there are huge benefits the valley already provides, and the costs of doing the project cannot be proven. We need to continue to expect more from policy makers, and less pointless destruction of land! Check the video above to feel the whole story.
@fallingwater They want to build it to make a new energy source, so they can then charge for it as well.
@yakwithalan What would the benefits of the dam even be?
I hope their homes, and the real worth of the valley, can be saved!
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