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Gavin Pretor-Pinney, the founder of the Cloud Appreciate Society, has been trying since 2009 to get the world to acknowledge a new classification of cloud, Undulatus asperatus, which can resemble looking at rolling waves from under water. Will it make the books? It takes a lot of levels of verification by The International Cloud Atlas to recognize any new clouds. Still, the video in the second slide gives many storm chasers hope that this, indeed, is a new type of cloud!
@hikaymm So cloud classification is like, a huge thing? How many types of clouds are there currently
Is that first gif high speed time lapse, or does this kind of cloud move faster? @hikaymm
@onesmile I don't know the numbers, but just browsing wiki tells me there are TONS @fallingwater I think the gif is timelapsed, the video shows it much better though I'm still not sure of the fps