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It’s for these reasons that I rarely stay in a campground, esp a crowded one. I would also add: - Displaying rude and obnoxious behavior that would be shameful in my own home (not to mention workplace, public, etc) but which being “outdoors” gives me the “right” to do. - Using an incredibly bright light to illuminate your campsite which then casts light in all directions. - Stereo blasters. No one came here to listen to your favorite music blasting out of your car. - Idling your vehicle for hours, for no reason. At all. Whatsoever. Don't be this kind of camper!!
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well stated, when I go out on an excursion, its to enjoy nature and fall in love with earth all over again. I go to be at peace and one with the wild. Typically, only one, maybe two people join me and we go by the Golden Rule while on our outing. If I should take several people, or join a larger group, we all agree that if partying is to commence, we break into groups and explore secluded locations to be noisy without disturbing others. If my rowdy friends and I can do this, anyone can. Its all about respect, for each other and ourselves.
@BryanCrappell Definitely! If you know you're a loud bunch, it's great that you've learned how to be respectful while being loud, instead of being rude to others. Great for you guys!! I'd be happy toshare a campground then haha
@happyrock, thanks for the compliment, it would be pretty cool to someday meet up with you and your troupe, who knows, we may run into each other next year while my buddies and I are on our bicycling tour.
@BryanCrappell Very possible!! What kind of tour are you going on?
#10 Those who dictate their own standards upon others and allow various forms of pleasure (at least marginally within posted park rules) to bother them. Peace in diversity... If i wanted everything my way, i would stay home.