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There are some days when you feel like your tummy is bigger than normal, and that might just be in your head. Often, though, you aren't imagining things - you belly really is bloated! This can come from a variety of things, but is mainly linked to the foods that we eat and how we eat them. Here are just a few tips to beat the bloat! Don't Eat Too Fast This isn't just something your mother told you when you were young to keep you from making a mess :) Eating quickly and not chewing your food well can cause air swallowing that leads to bloating! So slow down and enjoy your food. Your meals should last at least 30 minutes. Don't Overdo Chewing Gum Seriously! Noshing on gum all day causes more air swallowing, and thus more bloating! If you've got a gum habit, try moving from chewing gum to hard candies and vitamin c drops! Eat Smaller Meals More Often Instead of three big meals per day, try eating smaller meals more often. This can keep you free of the bloated feeling that often follows large meals. Limit Sodium High-processed foods can be very high in sodium and low in fiber, both of which can contribute to that bloated feeling. Foods That Can Cause Bloating (when eating too much, too fast) Beans, Broccoli, Cabbage, Oats Foods That Can Prevent or Lessen Bloating: Peanut Butter, Peppermint, Lemon, Yogurt!
@carolinian87 Salt always makes me feel so puffy! I try to avoid salty foods always :)
I remember i read an article about Sharon Stone's red carpet secret. She said she eliminates salt in her diet a week before the big day to make sure she's in her desired perfect - model - look body.
Light sodium is seriously key. Which is sad for me because I love salty foods.
Eat more often? That, I can do!
I eat oat meal daily. Should I decrease my intake of oatmeal?
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